Citroën will create a net rolling machines


Citroën создаст сеть прокатных машинThe electric car will be the length of just 2.5 meters.

At the exhibition in Geneva, the French showed a concept of a small double electric car Citroën Ami One, which will become an alternative to public transportation, mopeds and even bicycles.

Due to its small size it can be parked perpendicular to the curb.

It can be rented for short trips around town, or even for several years. In addition, to be driven in Europe does not need rights, because they equate it to the ATV.

Stock battery is enough for 100 kilometers, and its full charge will only take two hours. However, the maximum vehicle speed of 45 kilometers per hour.

You can rent a car through a special application on the phone. To do this you just need to scan the QR-code doors and they will open automatically.

This machine can easily turn into an alternative to the big cars, especially in a city where most trips are short, Parking spaces are few, and buy the whole car makes no sense.

Citroën создаст сеть прокатных машин
Citroën создаст сеть прокатных машин
Citroën создаст сеть прокатных машин


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