Citizen of Russia tried to export from Indonesia orangutan in the suitcase


Гражданин России пытался вывезти из Индонезии орангутанга в чемоданеThe incident occurred in Bali.

The citizen of Russia Andrey he was detained at the airport of Ngurah Rai in Bali, Indonesia, for attempting to illegally export from the country of the orangutan in the suitcase.

The detainee was supposed to fly to Russia.

Two-year-old male orangutan found during the scan of the Luggage. According to police, the animal is likely bustles sleeping pills and put in the suitcase.

In addition to orangutan, Luggage jestkova found two geckos, and five lizards.

No charges Russian is not yet advanced.

The Indonesian authorities are trying to combat illegal wildlife trade, but it remains very common in the country.


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