Cinematic trailer Borderlands 3 with shooting and dancing


Shooter Borderlands 3 comes out September 13, 2019.

Company 2K Games and Gearbox Software Studio unveiled a new trailer for the future of the cooperative shooter Borderlands 3, reports the online edition of the with reference to

A video made in the spirit of the whole Borderlands series. Under the stylish track “Happy Together” characters of the game dancing and singing and at the same time fighting with opponents, subtly killing them for their skills. Destroyed enemies give mountains of prey, which hunt together and roll heroes.

A new trailer to remind gamers that if the co-op Borderlands drop-down 3, all the players weapons will be unique to each and even strangers, the teammate will not be able to claim the fallen after the battle of epic weapons.

In Borderlands 3 players will be available four Finder Store: the siren Amara, shooter Mose, hunter З4ЛП and agent Zane flint. Each of them will have unique abilities, your own skill tree and customization of appearance. The role of the main villains will be the Calypso twins. The third part will unfold not only on Pandora, but on other planets, to navigate between which players will be on their own spaceship.


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