Cigarettes can rise in price by 25% in 2020 due to mandatory labeling and the growth of the excise tax


Сигареты могут подорожать на 25% в 2020 году из-за обязательной маркировки и роста акциз

Experts predict growth of prices of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes by almost a quarter. This is due to rising excise duties and the introduction of mandatory labeling.

From March 1, 2019 mass marking of tobacco products became mandatory. Manufacturers have on each bundle digital code Data Matrix. To do this, businesses had to install new equipment at the plants, said Deputy head of macroeconomic research of the Analytical center under the government of Victoria Pavlushina. Experts believe that this factor most influences the price of cigarettes, write “Izvestia”.

In addition, since January 1, increased excise taxes (on cigarettes and tobacco heating — 4% on the electronic delivery systems nicotine — 4.2%).


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