Chrysler has announced a cross-wagon based on the Dodge Charger


Chrysler анонсировал кросс-универсал на основе Dodge ChargerChrysler will join the automotive range with some new models

What is Chrysler? By and large, is dead. Simply put, the brand is moribund, having the model line-up only two car – 300 sedan and minivan Pacifica.

However, it became known that the leadership is in no hurry to bury a legendary brand, on the contrary, it is supposed to give him a chance to develop, providing car series with several new models.

Strictly speaking, they will have two and each is actually a “rewriting” of the existing models. First new crossover, the source of he would serve Jeep Grand Commander, who, in turn, is intended for the Chinese market. Interestingly, technically it is a regular Cherokee. It is assumed that the latter-day the car will be imported from China. Its Assembly will be launched in the United States, in addition, it will update the current engine lineup.

As for the second car, then it very few specifics. According to some they should be cross-universal on the basis of the current sedan Dodge Charger, which, in turn, is a kind of the Chrysler 300. By itself, the “trencada” a year will go down in history, so the new model, it is possible to consider as the heir.


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