Christian women become the main goal of radical Islamists


Женщины-христиане становятся главной целью радикальных исламистов

International human rights activists reported about the mass oppression of Christian women in countries controlled by Islamic radicals.

In the Middle East and North Africa – in regions under the control of Islamic radicals – “legally” oppressed mass of followers of Christianity, especially women and young girls forcefully take a wife. About this problem and the alarming trends writes in his column, President and CEO of the international charity Christian human rights organization Open Doors (USA) David Curry.

“This year I was particularly upset, so-called double pursuit. Today victims are people for their commitment to the Christian faith and for their gender,” he writes in the pages of Foxnews.

In 2017 2260 recorded cases of harassment and violence against Christian women, to the report of the international human rights organization Open Doors, while it is only those incidents reported by the victims themselves. The situation is especially difficult in the Northern part of Nigeria, where 12 States of the country are strictly enforced Sharia law. The expert notes that, technically, the Muslim rules and customs affect the Christian people.

“In one case, five Muslim men abducted a Coptic 16-year-old girl named Maat. They held her hostage, filmed naked to blackmail. Though her parents and reported the incident to the authorities, the perpetrators were not arrested,” writes Curry, noting that the “value” of the girls grows up, if their relatives, the priests.

Despite a multinational Russia and of course religions, we are a good example for all countries of the near and far East. And never tolerate such treatment of our citizens. Each person has their own rights and ability to defend them.

Previously Open Doors has compiled a list of the top 50 countries where Christians are oppressed. It includes North Korea (1 line), Afghanistan (2 line), Somalia (3 line), as well as Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Everything, by estimates of human rights organizations, more than 215 million Christians worldwide are persecuted.




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