Choral singing was recognized as a tool of dealing with stress


Хоровое пение признали инструментом борьбы со стрессом Every sixth employee of a large company is experiencing stress in the workplace.

British scientists have conducted a new study and found out which tool will help to get rid of stress in the workplace.

For the study was selected a large company where workers receive different wages. It turned out that every sixth employee of the company has experienced a lot of tension and stress due to their job responsibilities.

As an experiment, this company tried to organize a choir singing and it turned out that the well-being 96% of employees had improved significantly and they noted that ceased to experience stress.

Researchers from the University of Leicester noted that in addition to stress management, choral singing has a positive effect on breathing, improved posture and helped to produce endorphins to improve your overall health and happiness.

In addition, employees of the company admitted that through singing, they no longer feel isolated and that they rallied in the workplace as in the classroom, they began to receive support from their colleagues.

“Our research has shown that singing can reduce stress in the workplace and to relieve employees from feelings of isolation. Organizations should seriously consider how to encourage staff to regularly participate in practice singing to improve well-being, engagement and even productivity,” – said study author Joanna foster.

She added that all of the studies conducted earlier had shown that almost a third of employees consider their work a source of stress, which they cannot control.

In addition, each year in large companies employees die from stress, depression or anxiety that is associated with the work.


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