Chisinau Russia’s gagged mouth


Кишинев заткнул России рот

The speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian CANDU has approved a law that prohibits the broadcasting of news and analytical broadcasts from Russia. This happened after the country’s constitutional court on 5 January gave him such authority instead of the President Igor Dodon, who twice rejected the document on the fight against “foreign propaganda.”

According to the Constitution of Moldova, the President is obliged to approve the bill if Parliament passes it twice. Dodon, however, vetoed the law. Then the Deputy from the faction of the Democratic party occupying the majority seats in the Parliament, Sergei Sirbu appealed to the constitutional court (CC), that he was appointed acting President. The judges also decided that to make the controversial law can the speaker of Parliament or Prime Minister.

Dodon is not the first time temporarily removed from power for taking necessary most of the decisions. So, in October of 2017, the court allowed the candidate instead of the President to sign a decree appointing the Minister of defence Eugene Friday, January 2, 2018 were allowed to appoint a foreign Minister and six members of the government, with the candidates whom he did not agree.

The Moldovan Parliament adopted the law on the anti-propaganda broadcasting television and radio programs with informational, military or political content, which produced in countries that have not ratified the European Convention on transfrontier television. Among these countries and Russia. However, Russian channels are one of the most popular in the country. Now they are allowed to broadcast only entertainment programs. Four years ago, Moldova has banned broadcasting channel “Russia 24”, so that now the citizens will eventually lose their access to Russian news.

Igor Dodon called the law on “anti-propaganda” is “a blatant attack on the freedom of citizens of Moldova”. Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin considered the actions of the Moldovan authorities “information blockade for its own people.”

Even after the decision of the constitutional court in the Duma warned that the ban newscasts from Russia will inevitably affect the relations between the two countries, and Moscow will have to react.

The Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei chepa said that the Parliament of Moldova such decisions “plays into the hands of Russophobic sentiments.”

“All of the latest regulations that were adopted were adopted as alternative solutions President Igor Dodon, and all had a russophobian character. This and the appointment of new Ministers, who were seen in the corruption scandals, and said he did not approve them,” said chepa.

The current Moldovan Parliament was elected on 30 November 2014. Although Romanian Democratic party has taken only the fourth place with 15.8% of the vote, it was in the beginning of 2016 was able to form a majority after the parliamentary crisis, thanks to the MPs who joined the Liberal, liberal-democratic and even Communist party. But then in November 2016 presidential elections has won the party leader of socialists Igor Dodon, who in the course of the campaign stated the need to improve relations with Russia.

In the end of the situation the President and Parliament to openly confront each other, and MPs manage to sabotage the decisions of the President, but to suspend him from power. Perhaps, the parliamentary elections to be held later this year, will change the balance of power in the political arena of Moldova, although the question is, will it be possible for the socialists to get a majority in the current conditions.

The more that stay the Dodon on the post was under threat. 21 September 2017 in the Parliament of Moldova has begun collecting signatures for a bill on the beginning of procedure of removal of the President from office.

After the next removal of the Dodon’s Party of socialists of Moldova (psrm) on 10 January issued a statement in which he urged his supporters to “support the efforts of the President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon for the establishment of a genuine democratic government in the Republic and to be ready to respond to the call of the head of state EN masse to come to Chisinau for the country’s liberation from the regime”. Recent decisions of the Parliament, the report said, had compromised him, and the only solution is to transition to a presidential form of government.

Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov believes such measures are overdue, so how to start decisive action is needed even after the first suspension of Dodona in autumn.

Is a sovereign right of Moldova – to limit something or other news coverage. Another thing is that it does not fit into the declared current Moldovan leadership of the European principles of democracy, transparency, freedom of information, human rights, and so on.

Of course, this is an unpleasant thing, but first and foremost for the Republic of Moldova. By such actions the country confirms its current status police-oligarchic state, which works for the interests of his master — the only one in Moldova, the oligarch and concurrently Chairman of the ruling party, Vladimir Plahotniuc. No relation to democratic procedures, these things do not have.

The very practice of temporary suspension of the President from office is absurd, but we’ve seen it three times already. For the first time this happened in the autumn with the appointment to the post of Minister of defense of the citizen of Romania Sturza, which has no relation either to Moldavia or to the defense.

“SP”: — whether the suspension of the President of the legislation of Moldova?

— It is a shameful practice. It is not constitutional and violates not only accepted international norms, but also the Constitution of Moldova. But it is, no one really is outraged, well, bubbling in social networks. Including the President himself, who resents only on Facebook, and nothing more.

This process of destruction of Moldovan statehood, which surely are the current government. Why are they doing this — good question. But in the leadership of Moldova, among Ministers and people who make decisions, more and more citizens of Romania, and this cannot but cause concern. Perhaps we are talking about the smooth takeover of Moldova, neighbouring Romania.

“SP”: — Why Igor Dodon is not taking more decisive action, because the words he is against all these laws?

— Why is idle President is a mystery to me. It seems to me that despite the fact that his powers in a parliamentary Republic limited the President elected by direct vote, with the support of more than half of the voters can certainly raise a voice outside of social networking. The current practice can not suit anyone, including the elected President.

But in fairness it should be noted that two years ago when Moldova was held mass protests and the opposition, one of whose leaders was the socialist leader, brought to the streets tens and hundreds of thousands of disgruntled citizens of the oligarchic regime, was made a system error. The opposition agreed to leave the streets in exchange for the return of direct presidential elections. Until last autumn, almost 20 years the President elected by the Parliament.

The problem is that when the opposition agreed to the deal, the direct election was returned by unconstitutional means. The constitutional court has just scheduled a vote, though the Constitution itself did not change. Already had laid a mine under the future President. Now this system error is reproduced in the sight of such ugly phenomena as the temporary removal of the President from duties in its full capacity.

Two years ago the opposition, having such a serious lever on the oligarchic power, as a massive protest was not to accept half-measures, and to demand early parliamentary elections. Now to blame the mistakes of two years ago is useless.

“SP”: — And today the President might have something to do or he is absolutely helpless?

— When in the autumn of plahotniuc and the company first did this combination with the removal of Dodona, he was obliged, as a decent person and responsible to their constituents a politician to resign and to demand new elections for President and Parliament. He did not, swallowed the humiliation, and if he agreed then, why not say Yes tonight? Pay attention that he has twice been suspended for the holidays, and it is quite logical for the Moldovan authorities.

“SP”: — If to speak about banning Russian news programs, can Moscow as-that to influence Chisinau to reverse this decision?

— Pay attention that the repeater of the main Russian channel in Moldova is the company Prime Management owned by the same oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, which receives revenues from advertising and retransmission of the First channel.

When there are such unfriendly actions against Russian information resources, it would be logical also the First channel to break the contract with Plahotniuc. But this is not happening, the First channel continues to broadcast in Moldova. Tomorrow it will be information and is castrated, he will begin to withdrawn the information and political programs at the discretion of the repeater, but it’s still going to make money.

I believe that immediately date the contract with Plahotniuc needs to be terminated, despite the economic bonuses that are received by the First channel. Enough to deal with such things. We are abused and spit in the face, and there’s nothing we can do about it just because someone in Russia is making money on this. You cannot make national humiliation, is a disgrace.

“SP”: — the Ban on Russian news will affect the upcoming parliamentary elections?

— We do not interfere in policies of other States, so I don’t think the ban on news programs such as the impact on the outcome of the elections. The problem lies elsewhere. People like Dodon, positioning themselves to the voters as a Pro-Russian policy, speculate on meetings with Vladimir Putin, talking about networking.

But judging by the way he cannot do anything and watches the actions of the Parliament through your fingers in this situation is his fault. Systematic work is under way to oust Russia from the region and in the romanization of Moldova. What he trying to present it as an attack before the election, that’s his problem. They brought the situation to an extreme degree, and now have themselves to deal with it.



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