Chips and soda I want to mark the terrible pictures


Чипсы и газировку хотят маркировать страшными картинками

Chips and soda are offered to mark the frightening pictures of diseases, which may result from eating harmful food, by analogy with the packs of cigarettes.

Such an appeal was sent to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Deputy of the faction “Fair Russia” Oleg Mikheyev, RIA Novosti reported.

According to the parliamentarian, people hear about diseases that can be caused by excessive consumption of so-called “junk food” (junk food), but I can hardly imagine how they look. So, the Deputy notes, if to depict the bundles of trophic ulcers, which appears in diabetes, kidney stones caused by eating too salty foods, or cholesterol plaques on the vessels, can discourage use of harmful products.

To “junk food” Mikheev proposes to classify the products in which 100 grams have more than 12.5 g sugar or other flavor-aromatic substances, more than 1.5 gr. salt, 20 gr. more fat and 5 gr. saturated fat, as well as drinks, in which 100 ml contains more than 10 grams. sugar or more than 1.5 g. salt.

This is not the first proposal to combat junk food in Russia. Earlier deputies of the state Duma suggested to impose the chips and sodas to additional taxes, and advertising of fast food to prevent.


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