Chinese satellite showed tiny Land on the background of the huge moon


Китайский спутник показал крохотную Землю на фоне огромной ЛуныLongjiang-2 made a rather unusual picture

Chinese satellite DSLWP-B, also known as Longjiang-2, is one of two compact spacecraft, launched last year in preparation for the mission Change-4.

We will remind, in the beginning of the year the mission was a success, and on the reverse side of the moon for the first time in the history of the landed spacecraft with a Rover on Board.

Satellite Longjiang-2 along with Longjiang-1 was designed to observe the reverse side of our natural satellite and including mission Change-4. However, Longjiang-1 failed to reach orbit, but Longjiang-2 well successfully reached the destination.

Photo of the day: a tiny Land on the background of the huge moon in the lens of the Chinese spacecraft
When the mission Change-4 reached its final phase, Longjiang-2 “choked” in order not to interfere with communications with the lunar module. Now, however, the companion’s back. In particular, he made a very unusual photo of moon and Earth.

Due to its location, the view came out very original. Moreover, the Moon in this picture looks not so, as we used to see, so also the Earth in this case a fraction of its companion.


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