Chinese gamer played 20 hours before he was paralyzed


 Китайский геймер играл 20 часов, пока его не разбил паралич After a long game at the men’s feet.

A Chinese gamer was paralyzed half of the body after 20-hour session of online gaming with friends.

According to the newspaper, the man the next morning could not walk. It is reported that he spent time with friends in Internet cafes and for all the time he never left the monitor for a second.

Learning about the incident, his friends called the police and an ambulance. The victim was hospitalized, but it remains to be seen whether he can recover.

China is massively suffering from Internet addiction among adolescents. Therefore, the country began to actively deal with this problem. However, not always the methods of struggle are valid and legitimate. So, in January of last year, the teenager killed his mother with electric shocks after he was released from medical institutions, where he was treated for gambling addiction shock therapy.


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