Chinese experts are going to help North Korea with ‘very sick’ Kim Jong-un


A team of medical experts from China are on their way to North Korea to provide advice on leader Kim Jong-un’s health, Reuters news agency reports Friday based on sources. The North Korean dictator has been shining his absence in recent weeks and international media have been speculating about his possible death for weeks.

For example, on April 15, Kim did not appear during the North Korean holiday celebrations surrounding the birthday of his grandfather, Kim Il-sung.

Reports of his condition vary widely; for example, it is written that he has to undergo surgery for cardiovascular disease, according to other stories he is said to be healthy and soon to appear in public again, but Hong Kong media reported on Friday that the North Korean leader has died.

However, little can be reported with certainty about Kim’s health. Because the Asian country is locked to the outside world, it is difficult to verify information. Chinese authorities have not yet responded to the publication of Reuters.

US President Donald Trump criticized reports citing Kim’s alleged ill health. He assumes the published information is incorrect, but has not been in contact with North Korean authorities in recent weeks.


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