Chinese authorities closed a number of businesses after the explosion at the chemical plant


Власти Китая закроют ряд предприятий после взрыва на химзаводеThe Chinese authorities have closed thousands of companies after the explosion at the chemical plant in the East of the country.

The Chinese government closed many small industrial enterprises and carry out their partial merger into a larger production, to prevent the recurrence of a major accident at the chemical plant in Jiangsu province in the East of the country. This was announced on Tuesday, the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

This measure was developed by the State regulatory authority for the PRC market: until October 2019, the government will conduct a series of inspections across the country. According to the publication, at the moment, the Jiangsu administration plans to close less than 30 production sites where chemical plants. According to preliminary estimates of columnist, “will be eliminated for thousands of companies.”

“After such large-scale incidents, it is natural, when tough measures are needed, – said the Professor at Xiamen University in Fujian province in Eastern China. – A company that violated the rules and regulations will be closed and controls will be much tougher.”

Recall, March 21 at the company “Jiangsu tarczay” in the chemical industrial Park of Yancheng city explosion, which killed 78 people. He was so powerful that seismic control of the country recorded in the area an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.0.


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