China will open a police station with robots instead of people


В Китае откроют полицейский участок с роботами вместо людей In China will soon open a police station, which will be served exclusively by robots.

It is one of the major cities. Of course, while robots will not be able to catch criminals, however, work with documents and provision of various state services they may be able to provide.

The technical part will provide Chinese IT giant Tencent. The company has developed a “smart” algorithm that recognizes a person by appearance using Face ID. This will reduce the number of documents.

The new police station will allow to give the exam on the right on a computer simulator or apply for a passport in electronic form. In General, according to rumors, in China it is planned to fully automate the sphere of public services. After all, robots don’t need a weekend and the hospital, and they can work round the clock.


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