China will have a cheap electric crossover with excellent characteristics


В Китае появится недорогой электрический кроссовер с отменными характеристикамиThe new machine will have excellent characteristics.

Chinese automaker GAC Motors launches production of its new crossover GE3, reports Electrek. It is fully electric, range — 310 km, and its price starts from $22,000.

The company has presented its car at the auto show in Detroit, which was held earlier this year. For the transition to large-scale production of GAC did not require much time. Also, together with the news about the beginning of production, the company has disclosed some specifications of a new vehicle.

On a single charge the car can travel up to 310 km Battery supports fast charging mode and is able to score 80% capacity in 30 minutes. Torque — 290 Nm and a maximum power of 165 HP At 100 km, the car spends 16.6 per kW-h In the starting package, the seller asked $22,200 for top — $25,600. In this reserve it is quite a low price. For comparison, the cheapest Tesla is sold for $35,000. More than a simple electric car Nissan LEAF starts at $30,000, despite the fact that its power reserve is almost 2 times less than the Chinese.

There are also rumors that the automaker has received the consent of regulators in the US and can get to the local market. In this case, it will be a serious competitor in the low-cost segment of cars. While GAC Motors sells cars only in China.

Further, the GAC plans to release two models: sedan and SUV. The promises of the President of GAC Motors, the new models, the cruising range will be increased to 400-500 km In the near future, the Chinese only expects the market growth of electric vehicles. It is promoted as initiatives of the state and the growing interest of the society. The popularity of electric vehicles is growing despite the reduction of subsidies for the purchase of such vehicles, and pollution of the cities bowed to the rapid transition to EV. According to forecasts, China will produce half of all electric vehicles by 2020.


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