China sent to the moon insects and plants


Китай направит на Луну насекомых и растенияThis should happen in the framework of the Chinese lunar research program

Scientists have considered the first landing of man on the moon, as the transition of all mankind in a fundamentally new era in space exploration, but that the glory should depart on the second plan after it passed another barrier, namely the landing on Mars.

However, the leading space Agency in recent years, more and more are thinking about how to re-conquer the moon. In particular, China has stated that it wants to send to the moon, the plants and insects.

This should happen in the framework of the Chinese lunar exploration program (CLEP), which will be implemented during the mission “Chang’e-4”. Under the program, to the moon has already launched two orbiting spacecraft and a lander with a Rover.

At the moment, the Chinese also had a desire to study all geological features of Earth’s natural satellite and to understand the effects of lunar gravity can occur if the moon appeared insects and plants, namely, silkworms, and potatoes.

It is planned that the mission “Chanje-4”, starting in June of this year. Within its framework with the help of carrier rocket Long March 5 should be the launch of the lander, which consists of a stationary lunar station and Rover.


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