China reported a sharp jump in the number of infected with coronavirus


В Китае сообщили о резком скачке числа зараженных коронавирусом

TASS, February 13. A sharp jump in the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus, was in China. According to the information portal “Wanyi”, referring to data of the regional authorities, the number of infected per day increased by more than 15 thousand and has reached 59,8 thousand people.

The authorities explain this fact using new methods of diagnosing, which allows you to quickly and accurately identify the infected.

The number of deaths from the disease COVID-19 made in China 1 368 people, recovered 5 963 of the patient. According to the updated data, the official death rate from the new coronavirus in the country is 2.28%.

The main source of the disease remains the Hubei province in Central China and its administrative center – Wuhan city with 11 million population, where in December of last year, the coronavirus began to spread across the country and abroad.


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