China plans to launch another hundred spacecraft


China by 2025 additionally will orbit about 100 satellites.

“In recent years, China has made a breakthrough in the development of aerospace technologies and industries relevant to them. Our country has already laid the Foundation and created favorable conditions for accelerated development of this sector of the national economy”, — said Deputy head of the Department at the conference on geographical information technologies in Beijing, reports the with reference to the UNN.

According to her, the space program of the PRC is gradually becoming more intensive, and at the same time increasing the scope of national development. “I think it will have much stimulative effect on the economy of our country,” — said the expert.

Yu Qi reminded that over the past nine years, China has made great strides in the improvement of remote sensing technologies, which at this stage are used in more than 20 industries, including in relation to land resources, ecology, forestry and agriculture.


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