China has shown how innovative shoots laser rifle


В Китае показали, как стреляет инновационная лазерная винтовка A new weapon is able to burn objects at a distance.

Chinese craftsmen of the company “ZKZM Laser” tested a futuristic rifle “ZKZM-500” firing a laser beam.

The following video was published by representatives of the company in response to the doubts of Internet users in the effectiveness of this device. The video shows how the weapon burns wood and rubber from a distance of several tens of meters. According to the developers, the maximum range of the rifle is about 800 meters. The weight of the “ZKZM-500” is about the same as a Kalashnikov, and the cost does not exceed 15 thousand dollars.

The Chinese report that we are talking about non-lethal weapons that will be used to conduct special operations and neutralizing the terrorists. Shown in the video the test was conducted in XI’an.

The rifle is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, full charge which lasts for about 1000 shots with 2 second intervals between them. “ZKZM-500” is silent, and the laser beam is invisible. Using this device, soldiers can, for example, to ignite an enemy fuel tanks, not being spotted by enemies, and much more, which is inefficient when using conventional firearms.

As reported by some Chinese media, mass production of the laser rifle will begin soon, as the need for “ZKZM-500” available, and it is now strongly heated excellent performance of this weapon.


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