China has discovered a strange old tomb


The tomb found the remains of a dwarf.

Scientists during excavations in the Chinese province of Henan have discovered a 5,000-year-old cemetery where was grave with the remains of the dwarf, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Experts believe that received important archaeological information about the pathological dwarfism in ancient times.

Grave with the remains of the little man was discovered in the village of Guangxi, on the shore of the yellow river. Carbon Dating of the bones from this cemetery showed that people lived here in the community during the period from 3300 to 2900 BC

Probably, the cemetery belongs to the Neolithic culture of Anshao. Archaeologists say that the burial in Guangxi was simple — it was the usual holes in the ground, which together with the body of a man was putting a few burial artifacts.

Grave of the dwarf is almost indistinguishable from the other graves. However, the deceased hands were hidden behind his back, while all other graves hands buried people were folded on his chest.

The main difference is the size of the body of the deceased. He had a small skull and shorter than the other, arms and legs. According to researchers, he suffered from dwarfism — congenital genetic disease. This is one of the oldest archaeological examples of this disease.

Analysis of the teeth showed that the person was an adult, but his bones were not formed until the end. The poor preservation of the pelvis did not allow to reliably estimate the gender of the deceased person.

Must be experienced serious problems not only with health but also with communication. Historical sources IV-II centuries BC never say that dwarfism was perceived negatively in Confucianism.

However, the philosopher Chuang Tzu, who wrote the fundamental text of Taoism, mentioned that people with dwarfism were perceived in the community at the time as outsiders. This is indirectly indicated by the fact that this man’s hands were hidden behind his back.


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