China has criticized the film adaptation of the cartoon “Mulan”


Chinese users watched the trailer over a billion times in the first hours after the release of the movie.

As noted by one of the network users, for the Chinese audience is important, “attractive whether Hua Mulan and whether the film reflects the Chinese culture and the perseverance of the main character”.

But without a tar spoon has not managed: for example, in the trailer of the film shows that the family of the heroine is living in round houses, tulou, and they appeared only several centuries after the events in Kitee study as a legend. Also, tulo characteristic of the settlements in the South of the country, and Mulan according to legend, lived in the North.

Also the audience was confused by the main message of the new story – judging by the trailer you might think that Mulan goes to war not for the sake of his father (as it was in legend and in cartoon), and to escape from arranged marriage.


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