China has built the world’s largest amphibious aircraft


В Китае построен крупнейший в мире самолёт-амфибияChina built amphibious aircraft, which is the largest in the world. Sample miracle art show held at Guangdong ceremony.

The newly created model named AG600 and she is able to land on a simple airfield, and to splash down on the water surface.

Use this giant is to extinguish fires in the forest, rescue operations on the water and for delivery to outlying Islands there needed goods. Takeoff weight of an amphibian of the order of 53.5 tons. The maximum distance that it can fly without refueling, 4500 kilometers.

If to speak about sizes of amphibious aircraft, it is quite comparable with the famous Boeing 747 and, therefore, is currently the largest aircraft in its class. On Board can accommodate up to 50 passengers


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