Children for export. How Ukrainian women become “incubators” for foreigners


Дети на экспорт. Как украинки становятся "инкубаторами" для иностранцев

Ukrainian women because of poverty and unemployment become living “factories” for foreigners, and our country becoming one of the world centres for surrogacy.

This is increasingly write Western publications.

For example, the air force has devoted this subject a great story.

“The country” to figure out how and why our compatriots become surrogate mothers, and how much it earn.

“The demand has increased by 1000%”

As told to the BBC an employee of the Sydney charities Families Through Surrogacy (“Families through surrogacy”), Sam Everingham, for the last two years requests for this service in Ukraine “has grown, perhaps by 1000%”.

Reasons for the popularity of Ukrainian women on “surrogate market” several, experts say.

“First, in the last two or three years, life is very expensive, but money and work has not increased. And makes someone else’s child, a woman can afford some time a nice place to live or to pay off debt, buy a modest estate. And secondly, for foreigners, closed one of the most popular centres of surrogacy in Asia. In 2014, forbidden to bear other people’s children in Thailand after the scandal of baby Gammy, when an Australian couple abandoned a surrogate born baby due to the fact that the child had down syndrome,” says “Country” Antonina Yatsenko, Manager of the Agency, which is looking for customers surrogate mother for their biological kids.

Also, not so long ago, India banned surrogacy for foreigners after the business has turned into total exploitation of women from poor families.

Now thousands of “surrogacy tourists” from Europe, the USA and the rich Asians come to Ukraine.

Across the country there are dozens of clinics in which to carry out a course of artificial insemination (price $3000), massively open middleman agencies.

Ukrainian women are fertilized by cells of foreign couples the baby they carry here or customers carry them to her over the border to the full content.

Ordered a surrogate mother with a mathematics degree

“Statistics of surrogate motherhood is not. It is estimated that hundreds of born this way children in Ukraine, and in fact many pregnant alien baby, women still travel abroad. Moreover, foreigners come to Ukraine for the donor eggs in Ukraine replanting is much cheaper,” – says Antonina Yatsenko.

According to workers of Agency intermediary, choose the customers surrogate mother database costs $1000, even at the same cost the services of a lawyer. Surrogate mothers in addition to the fee and expenses for accommodation and meals, pay for all medical services and treatment in case of complications.

“Some customers are their “kinks,” says Yatsenko. – A couple from Ireland once asked a girl with higher mathematical education, blonde, blue eyes. They say, want their child to be smart. Although the baby is not genetically linked with the surrogate mother, but it is believed that she gives him part of “yourself”, because it carries under her heart for nine months”.

The fertility specialist at a clinic in Western Ukraine Anna Nakonechny says that for the female body surrogate motherhood is stressful.

“Most women have triggered the maternal instinct, perceive the child as their own, to give it then it is very hard. Many then need counselling,” says the medic.

According to Nakonechny, usually in a surrogate mother choose women from 18 to 35 years who have their own children, without harmful habits, healthy and strong.

“Find this difficult. Those without money usually are unhealthy lifestyle, Smoking, drinking. This all negatively affects the fetus. Such candidates will be rejected at the stage of selection. And who’s all right with finances, they seldom agree to become a surrogate mother, usually go to it because of poverty or difficult life situations,” says the doctor.

Gave birth to the Germans because of debts and the treatment of native son

In such a situation, there was a 24-year-old Galina L., a resident of Yavoriv district, Lviv region. She carried and gave birth to a boy for a German couple who could not have their own children.

“The entire procedure done in a clinic in Lviv, first took me here a good apartment, gave $500 to every month, paid for medical check-up. Ulrich and Erika for 40 years, they have their own business for the production of Windows, his wife’s health problems, she was treated, but nothing worked”, – has shared with “Country” Galina.

When Galina gave birth, wrote a refusal from the child and gave permission for his departure to the Pope (according to German law, the genetic father is considered legal and a mother who gave birth to the woman). And in Germany, he was adopted by Eric, is a foster mom.

The Germans paid the girl for son for 20 thousand euros.

“We’re still texting, they send me gifts for the holidays. Of course, my heart was torn when I gave the child. I treated him as a son for a long time I cried, not slept. A year has passed, and I still have dreams that take my baby,” sighs the surrogate mother.

The girl hid from their as earned money. “I told villagers that went to work in Poland, she lived in Lviv, – says Galina. – Only mother knew, she was against it, but I had no other choice. I live with her four year old son, with his father we are long gone. There are no jobs, we got into terrible debt, we turned off the gas for nonpayment. And the son was seriously ill, needed money for treatment, and to borrow and no one gave. A friend told me that her sister gave birth to twins for the Italians, and bought an apartment. She gave me contacts, and I passed all the tests, and two months later came my German. Now think again so earn, it is better than a penny plow in Poland.”

“After the birth of a child – $35 thousand. If the twins – $50 thousand”

Such stories – hundreds of them. In the Internet you can find a lot of ads of women who offer their services “mothers for hire”.

The price called immediately, and for “double happiness”.

“Vita, 22 years old, have a son of 4 years, healthy child. Don’t smoke or drink, the remuneration for each month of pregnancy – $400. After the birth – $35 thousand. If the twins – $50 thousand. Live in Western Ukraine.”

“My name is Oksana, I’m 28 years old, ready to become surmamy. I have two healthy daughters, 3 and 7 years. She’s cute, no bad habits, blood 2+, brown eyes, hair color brown. She gave birth without complications”.

“Gal. I’m 26. Blood 1+, is 1 healthy baby 2.7 years. Completely healthy, no abortions and caesarean. Without harmful habits. The program responsibly, will comply with all recommendations of the doctor. The contract required. A fee of $25 thousand and $600 each month.”

However, in reality, experts say, often the payments that I get your hands on a surrogate mother, much lower. They often range from 5 to 20 thousand dollars. Rarely reaching up to 30 thousand.

Demand for child twice because of inflation

In the Internet you can find stories about the troubles faced by biological parents and surrogate mother. For example, when women are blackmailing customers, threatening to have an abortion or give the baby up, demanding more money.

Meet and speculators, who, with the help of “black” pimps fake pregnancies and some time three or four months, wasting money on testing and stay from several pairs, and then disappear. Rarely, but it happens and Vice versa – when a couple abandons a baby if he is born sick.

“There was a case when a girl from Ternopil demanded from the customers-the British twice more, explaining that, say, the hryvnia plummeted, all rose – says Yatsenko from the Agency of surrogacy. – Although it was initially agreed on payment in dollars, and she wanted to raise in this currency. And it happens sometimes when problems arise with their biological parents. A couple from the UK refused to pay the woman when she had a miscarriage”.

The contract, according to experts, in such situations does not protect any of the parties.

“Because it is a simple contract to provide services because even the definition of surrogacy in the legal field no. So to prove something in court if it comes down to it, it is impossible. In my experience with cases of outright fraud are not met. Still, surrogate pregnancy is not a cheap procedure even, order people who are expecting a child. They hundred times to check and the surrogate mother and the clinic, and mediators. Although unscrupulous agencies and clinics could “slip” the customers of troubled women with unstable mentality, disease, or loving to drink,” says Yatsenko.

Kiev lawyer Igor Kidalov said that there are cases when clinics falsify the results of the medical reports about the health of surrogate mothers.

“Or hide opening at the survey data on the health of a surrogate mother, because to hold such actions the clinic to justice is almost impossible, says Kidalov. Often there are situations when the surrogate mother begins to blackmail the genetic parents of the child. At the stage of pregnancy they require you to pay them the sum is greater than the contract on the grounds that the inflation, devaluation and other economic reasons. In such situations, couples are simply powerless. Or couples choosing to use the services of a surrogate mother, become victims of fraudulent groups, which mimic the activity of the search candidates, the medical procedures, including forged documents about alleged successful implantation”.

Belgian gays has proved paternity in court

Happen in Ukraine, force-majeure and for those foreigners who do not draw up the documents properly.

There are times when kids are trying to take out secretly so as not to “bother” with the official papers. On the border of the children taken away, and their foreign parent could be charged with theft or child trafficking.

The most notorious case occurred in 2010 with the child, which the Ukrainian gave birth to a clinic in Kharkiv for a couple of homosexuals from Belgium. A boy named Samuel in their request for payment and tried to take the familiar Belgian with the pole through the checkpoint “Krakovets” in Lviv region.

There was a big scandal, the child was taken away, but in the end the court allowed to give Samuel to the Belgians. The basis for the resolution was that the biological father of the boy was one of the men.

Another resonant case occurred in Ukraine in 2007, but without a happy ending.

American Janet Runyon tried to take in the United States daughter Victoria that she gave birth to a surrogate mom for $18 thousand. But Runyon was arrested for allegedly trying to export someone else’s child on forged documents. The fact of surrogacy to officially confirm failed in a private clinic, not one document on artificial insemination.

Runyon and Victoria lived for a time at then the Deputy mayor Irena Kilchytska, but to prove motherhood American and could not. The courts could take years, and Runyon was unable for a long battle. As a result, Vick took custody of the Kiev childless family, and the American went back to the States with nothing.

However, such cases are rare, and our country remains very attractive to “surrogacy tourists”.

“While Ukraine has a significant advantage for married couples, because the law establishes a presumption of origin of the child from the parents – donors of genetic material, says the lawyer Kidalov.


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