Child of Karel Deputy earned 1.7 million rubles


Ребенок карельского депутата заработал 1,7 млн рублей

We are talking about minor offspring of the Deputy of Petrozavodsk city Council Valeriy Matveev. He “earned” last year, 1.7 million rubles through the sale of the property that exceeds the income of many other deputies.

“According to the document, the same amount he received from the sale of property. In addition, minors have to share the apartment with an area of 91.4 square meters, – reports the edition Valery Matveev for the 2018 gadasarevia 5.6 million rubles. In MP there are three plots of land, two apartments and three residential premises. In addition, Matveeva have two cars: BMW 730D and the BMW X6”.


Such cases are not rare and are observed among children of officials and deputies more often. In particular, the official website of the town of Serov, Sverdlovsk region appeared the document, which States that the minor son of the mayor of Basil Sizikova earned in 2018 409 thousand rubles.


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