Child born without a brain, prepare to school


Ребенка, родившегося без мозга, готовят в школуDoctors were forced to admit that the chances of Noah’s survival after his birth in 2012 are equal to zero

The boy was diagnosed with a rare spine disease, in addition, brain Noah was almost entirely absent. Less than 2% of the gray matter. Despite terrible predictions, the baby was a real fighter. He not only survived, but will soon go to school.

Information about that boy, something wrong, the parents received even before his birth. Doctors have said that the child would not survive, says the mother of Noah, Shelley (Shelly), however, a miracle happened. After numerous spinal operations the doctors managed to partially fix the problem. Now the child looks very happy.

Brain Noah could not develop due to a huge cyst. After its removal, few believed that the brain can begin to grow, but again a miracle happened.

Now Noah is five years. He can speak, write and pronounce the letters. In the future, parents hope for another miracle – they want the boy went. Still, Noah was tied to a wheelchair. Surgery on the hip, which doctors plan to hold next year may put the child on his feet.

Ребенка, родившегося без мозга, готовят в школу
Ребенка, родившегося без мозга, готовят в школу


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