Chelyabinsk flayer killed husky, sold dog meat in the stalls with Shawarma


Челябинский живодер, убивший хаски, продавал мясо собак в киоски с шаурмой

The man who killed the dog breed husky in Chelyabinsk and hung it on the bridge, had planned to take the animal to the kiosk with Shawarma. Now the POG is in the center of temporary detention of foreign citizens.

About the terrible plans of the detainee learned one of the residents of Chelyabinsk, according to the portal “Access”. In social networks, he told her that he had received the dog as a reward for construction work by residents of the village.. Celebica said that the man had already killed at least 100 animals to sell their meat at the stalls with Shawarma in the area of “Green market”.

Flayer detainee is a foreign national and is located in Russia in violation of the rules of the respective regime, is reported in UMVD of Russia in Chelyabinsk. He is now placed in the detention center. Criminal case upon murder of the dog has not yet opened.

The brutal massacre of over husky became known on April 10. Skinner hung the dog in a storm drain and ripped off her skin. Eye-witnesses immediately called the police. The police, the detainee said that he wanted to sell the skin of a dog, and it is to eat.


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