Chelyabinsk “business” of real estate


Челябинский “бизнес” недвижимости

More than a year ago our friend from Chelyabinsk wrote the piece about the medical “business”: where will innocent pensioners were persuaded, through the “personal call”, to pass free medical examination, and subsequently identified the disease with a proposal to fully cure and “rejuvenate” at the expense of a round sum, and who lacked the required amount easily right on the spot arrange the loan. One, two and 100-200 Tr immediately processed for promised services. The scheme was built not only in Chelyabinsk, but also in other regions of the country where a billion cashed in “effective business” due to the “making a fool” of the population.
Today we continue to open the next “entrepreneurs”, but of the service sector in the real estate market. Well, here goes.
This story was told to me my friend, let’s call it conventionally and for the sake of simplicity — Michael. I know him well that he took a job in this organization to try the rentalsale real estate realtor. And of course to earn some money. We will focus on the organization called: the MFC property. Recently, the acronym MFC hangs at the hearing and because “the Dodgers” are used to attract customers.

In this organization, Michael also arranged a wife — Anastasia — because she is on maternity leave and constantly works with children, it time to work — very little. Indeed, in the modern world, money is always needed, since workers put in terms of survival. A so-called “state aid” in the form of benefits for children — mere pennies, which are issued once a month and have enough for two pie and a glass of water. Therefore, many mother looking for any work part time or remote work at home. And here they are fabulously lucky.
All I know firsthand what a realtor: finding customers, contracts and transactions, sell / delivery of real estate, and as a result of their activities, the Commission.
Also in this organization, people were required to phone where and gave Michael his wife, the task of which calls and finding customers on the phone. Meaning: to call people sellingbuyingrentingtenants and to negotiate the conclusion of a Treaty on the assistance of a realtor from the organization in this matter. For each agreed — 500r. and if the contract concluded with him, that 2 thousand. Everything seems normal at first glance and there are no “gotchas.” As with any little bit a good deal it ends for realtor income from 20 p..the joy Anastasia was huge, because when you work in a couple of hours a day, she earned five thousand roubles for the first week. Where now in the decree it is possible to make so for a couple of hours not having narrow and well-paid profession? Therefore, it was a fount of money.
But the point was that drove those who signed the contract got what they wanted (soldbought), paying for the services of a realtor. But the majority, who concluded the contract and decide their issues finding a buyer or seller — recognize that he is 3 months after signing the contract, you still have to pay for the work. Of course in the form of a nominal fee at 5-10 m. p., but many have not read the entire contract and did not know about it, because the staff promised to help to solve their situation and pay. It was not there and this and built this whole business of another “entrepreneur”.
The “hostess” of this organization, a lawyer by education, because the “rightness” of a contract is not necessary even to doubt. Managers agree, realtors are working, and all who are willing to pay go to court and pay through it, but at double the tariffs for all services and costs. After all, the businesswoman she lives in Chelyabinsk, arrives three times a month from Novorossiysk to the courts for the money. Of course you can say that are to blame, just do not read the agreements and believe in the word “sellers of hope”, and how many of you have read the contracts? Or probably, you is what drove, again you are met with such “entrepreneurs” who will Rob you, but will remain clean before the law.
The court will also protects “effective entrepreneur” and not believe the words “commoner” himself to blame, and small businesses and poor entrepreneurs should be protected, because with today’s economic system they are the support of the existing system.
So Michael, as a conscious person, to understand system of wealth that organization went along with Anastasia. But whether all will do so today? In today’s reality, with constantly raising the bar for survival, which is important for any penny — a will work and will not even go into details to pay important. Because growing by leaps and bounds, the number of fraudulent and polumisticheskie organizations that are doing anything to bring profit to the founder. A modern information technology, will only help the capitalists in this.
In this story, which is only a drop in the ocean of social problems, reflected the essence of capitalism: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer even more. Of course, in the face of another fraud and Scam. But capitalism itself creates the conditions for such situations, because itself is a big Scam, built on the robbery of the vast majority. Will it endure or will you become our friend and will play together in the fight against this cynical, capitalist socio-economic formation? For workers ‘ power, socialism!

Igor, Chelyabinsk

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