Chechnya takes millions


У Чечни отнимут миллионы

The government refused from plans to increase in 2018, the budget for development of the North Caucasus. According to the draft Federal budget 2018-2019 expenditure on the relevant programme will be reduced by approximately 111 million rubles compared with the current year. Instead of the anticipated a year earlier growth of appropriations less money for the Chechnya. Meanwhile, the President of Republic Ramzan Kadyrov insists on increased funding from the Federal government.

A week later, on 15 October, the government should report to the President on “opportunities to increase funding of the state program of the Russian Federation “development of the North Caucasian Federal district” for the period till 2025 in the formation of the draft Federal budget for 2018 and the planning period of 2019 and 2020″.

But from the draft budget, approved by the government on the 18th of September and submitted to the Duma on September 29, it follows that the additional money for the state program in the budget was not. On the contrary, the cost compared to the current year decrease in 2018 is 21 m RUB and RUB 90.1 million in 2019.

The total cost of the programme for 2018 in the project’s budget is estimated at RUB 14.1 bn in 2018 and USD 13.6 billion in 2019.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has suggested the government consider the possibility of increasing the funding of the Northern Caucasus a year ago, during the discussion of the then draft budget for 2017-2019. The President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov criticized the draft Federal budget.

“There are many questions. We cannot be satisfied with the proposed Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation the draft of the budget”, — wrote in the network Instagram Kadyrov. He argued that to other regions the government is more true than to Chechnya.

If and further will continue the practice of budget cuts, the Republic will not be able to develop, we will not be able to fulfill the assumed social obligations,” he pointed out.

However, compared to last year’s plans, the structure of the state program “Development of Severo-the Caucasian Federal district” in the budget for 2018 – 2020 has not changed in favor of the Chechen Republic.

The following year, Chechen subroutine is reduced by 99 million rubles compared to the level of funding planned in last year’s three-year budget. And subprogramme development of the tourism cluster in the North Caucasian Federal district will be funded at RUB 135 million less than last year’s plan.

Part of the money in the budget reallocated to subprogramme development of Dagestan — its financing grew by 45.9% compared with last year’s plan. Additional costs of Dagestan are connected with the resettlement of residents of the villages of Khrakh–UBA and Uryan–UBA of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the territory of the Republic of Dagestan. So move the Lak population novolakski to a new place of residence, according to the materials budget.

Of the same materials follows that the expenses on the Chechen Republic also reduced due to resettlement programmes. In Chechnya relocated citizens living in landslide zones. But this migration will now be funded from other state program called “affordable and comfortable housing and utility services for Russian citizens”, the total amount of funding which the same amount is not increased. In addition, in 2018 the “comfortable housing” were in the “pilot” program. Their government is going to implement new design methods, details of which have not yet been determined.

In addition to the direct costs of the Chechen Republic, the government decided to reduce costs and to other subroutines of the North Caucasus Federal district.

Advertised in past years, the project on creation of “innovative medical cluster and development of the investment environment in the North Caucasus Federal district” in 2018, will be financed with 130,3 mln less than planned. The reason for “lack of necessary project documentation.” At the same time, the government 2% reduced spending on “infrastructure of the state information policy” in the area.

In this budget cycle Kadyrov in Instagram, the Ministry of Finance did not complain. Through social network on September 27 he announced a “fruitful” meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. At this meeting, the head of Chechnya asked to increase subsidies because of the high birth rate growth in the region. In the budget, which is in the state Duma, these proposals have not yet affected.

The Ministry of Finance and economic development “Газете.Ru” said that the problems of forming of the state program of the North Caucasian Federal district government is the Ministry for North Caucasus Affairs. A comment from the Ministry at the time of this writing, not received.


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