“Cheap” money will save the agricultural holdings, and what else?


«Дешевые» деньги спасут агрохолдинги, а что остальным?

Kostanay farmers included in the sowing 2019 confidently, but with questions, writes the correspondent of IA “Kazakh-Zerno”. The area is large and the questions for each area are different, but there are common for all.

Farmer Vladimir Dranchuk says:

This year, like, no problem with seeds and fuel. Enough of both. However, as will continue to operate the seed Fund, time will tell. Encouraged by the fact that, according to the new Minister of agriculture, insurance of crops will be voluntary. Here are just a still unclear mechanism. At us after all as: if you take the credit in the ACC or Bank, the insurance becomes immediately mandatory. And then there are the questions and they can reply either on the oblast level or at the level of the Republic. However, due to the grain prices this year, the financial condition of enterprises more sustainable. Take my junk. Last year his field due to weather conditions brought only 7.5 quintals per hectare. To go to zero, I had to sell the crop at 55 thousand tenge per ton, and in the fall no higher than 45 is not allowed. Had to hold back the harvest and so the price rose to 65 thousand tenge. At this price, I have had the opportunity to spend the upcoming sowing campaign. And imagine those who are removed from their more than 10 quintals per hectare – I think they’re in the credits for a sowing campaign not in need.

The Executive Director of the Kostanay branch of the Union of farmers of Kazakhstan Talgat Utebaev says:

– In the current sowing problem with fuel present. Particularly acute in the southern regions. Here it turns out that in the distribution of diesel fuel to large enterprises it is not enough, and small I can not select it. And redistribution. And like the difference in price is preferential and the market is small, but the enterprises still try to choose cheaper.

Another problem that can face farmers is the financing of spring field works. Like, from the state funds allocated for them is no less than last year, but they will go for the salvation of the agricultural holdings. According to my data, about a hundred companies in the region have applied for financing of spring-field works, but it is not told neither “Yes” nor “no”. Because cheap money is intended for the holdings. The “singles”, most likely, will have to be financed on market conditions, not under 6%, and at least 12%.


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