Charlize Theron spoke about transgender foster son


The actress explained why she believes the boy’s daughter.

Hollywood actress Charlize Theron, who recently was named first adopted son Jackson daughter now for the first time explained why he considers him a girl. 43-year-old star sincerely believes that Jackson is the same girl as his younger sister Aug.

“Yes, I also thought she was a boy – until, until she looked at me in three years and said that she was a girl. And so it happened. By the way, Jackson’s character and manners even more of a girl than his sister Aug. I have two beautiful daughters whom I, like any parent, want to protect and make happy. They were born the way they are, and not for me to decide what they wanted to be when I grow up,” explained Theron his position.

Instead of trying to impose on the children the generally accepted norms and values, the actress decided to focus on their parental obligations.

“My job is to love them and ensure that they had everything necessary to be who they want to be. And I will do my best to have my children had that right,” said star.

Charlize also admitted that grew up in a country where people in the majority “are living a lie and only whisper behind your back”.

“I believe that people should tell the truth about themselves, to live as she’s comfortable, and not think about the negative,” said Theron.

It is noted that the actress, who grew up on a farm in Johannesburg in South Africa, at the age of 15, was left without a father, who killed her mother in self-defense. Many years Charlize did not say on this subject, telling others that her father died in a car accident, but then I realized that it would be easier if she will reveal the truth.

However, despite family drama, the actress believes the mother is the closest and most wonderful person.
“You need to have a close relationship with at least one of the parents. This is a real blessing. Mom’s whole life was an example for me of a real woman. Same I want to be and for their daughters,” said the actress.


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