Charlize Theron revealed chest in a daring photo shoot


The actress graced the cover of a fashion magazine.

American actress and model of South African origin Charlize Theron became the heroine of Elle magazine (USA).

On the cover of the new issue, the movie star appeared in a bold and stylish manner. 43-year-old Theron posed in white blouse, revealing her bust and chic Saint Laurent jacket and jeans. Your outfit Charlize added a precious necklace from Hearts On Fire, points and laying the effect of wet hair.

In an interview the actress spoke about the double standards in Hollywood.

“Women have to work much more to avoid failure. It is not as critical when the main emphasis is on the star-man. Moreover, when the film for some reason was not as successful as hoped, it was said that the case in itself. When the same situation is with the movie where the main role is played by a woman, then blame her,” says the artist.


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