Chair with orthopedic effect – protection of the spine


Кресло с ортопедическим эффектом – надёжная защита позвоночника

Each person tries to comfortably improve their workplace, to work productively and without injury. This requires a responsible approach to the choice of furniture.

Ideal for working at the computer and orthopaedic armchair KULIK SYSTEM. Products of the Italian brand specially designed to prevent the emergence and development of diseases of the spine. In addition, the company’s specialists have paid attention to the individual style of each model. Hand sewing, use only high quality materials and components – chairs KULIK SYSTEM can become a “highlight” of the interior and to emphasize the success of its owner.

Ergonomics – the right path to health

Orthopedic chairs Italian manufacturer have a large number of useful features:

  • selection for a comfortable position of the head restraint;
  • backrest adjustment;
  • adjusting the seat depth;
  • adjustable seat angle;
  • setting the height of the armrests.

Furniture design adapts to anatomical features of the body, correcting posture and ensuring a healthy comfort. Italian designers have put effort to develop a truly comfortable and functional orthopedic chair. This is a great investment in your healthy future.

Undeniable advantages of furniture

Ergonomic chairs KULIK SYSTEM chosen by those who are accustomed to winning, to achieve success in business and surround yourself with only worthy things. Gasket seat made of high-tech-cast elastomer. According to research, the filler can withstand about a million cycles physical contact without the formation of deformations.

Padding is created from quality fabrics. This:

  • genuine leather;
  • Antara;
  • faux leather;
  • Azur;
  • perforated faux leather.

Variations of colors and upholstery includes more than 480 species. Thanks to this everyone will be able to pick up a chair suitable colors, taking into account their personal wishes and features of interior decoration.


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