CES 2018: presented smart glasses that improve vision


CES 2018: представлены умные очки, улучшающие зрениеGlasses with integrated cameras and artificial intelligence.

The ICI company Vision showed at CES 2018 glasses that improve the lives of patients suffering from retinal diseases.

Smart glasses using artificial intelligence and hardware to help people with disabilities better vision to see the world.

With the help of miniature cameras, software, monitors the movements of the pupil and the computer projection of such points will rely on the processing of the visual image healthy areas of the fundus. A set of hardware and software systems much as say the developers, improves visual perception in real time.

“The mission of ICI Vision is to increase and optimization of human vision by developing a first of its kind individually optimized digital platforms,” – said in a statement.

At the same show, CES 2018, the company Samsung has introduced glasses Relumino. They communicate with the smartphone on which you install a special application. These glasses transformerait projected points in the image, adding to it a definition, increasing the field of view and resolution.

Glasses Relumino work in several modes. The so-called “normal mode” makes blurry images clearer, to recognize the outlines of objects, making them more noticeable. Another mode of inversion of colors – makes it easier for users to read text on a page or screen from a normal distance.


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