Central Bank withheld information about the Bank assets of sanctioned Vekselberg


ЦБ скрыл информацию о банковских активах попавшего под санкции Вексельберга

The name of the primary owner of the group of companies “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg has disappeared from the list of shareholders of two banks. Since April 16 the individual on the sanctions list of the United States is not listed among the holders of shares of “Metcombank” and “International Finance Bank” (IFC).

According to RBC, using “Renova” Vekselberg owns 9.9 percent of shares of “Metcombank” (the main office is located in Kamensk-Uralsky). This is confirmed by data stored in the cache of the Google search engine. In addition, the Russian oligarch owns 39.4% of the shares of the Bank “international financial club” (MFK), which he acquired through the Cyprus Winterlux Limited. Morning, April 16, the name of the owner of “Renova” was still listed in the list of shareholders MFK, published on the website of the Central Bank, but later it was removed.

Note that among other large shareholders, “International Finance Bank” are Russian businessman Mikhail Prokhorov owns 27%, 19% owned by the ONEXIM group. Also among the shareholders of IFC with a share 13,14 is the wife of the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov, also came under U.S. sanctions.


Recall that the United States expanded sanctions against Russian businessmen, officials and companies on April 6. Among the defendants in the list were the owner Viktor Vekselberg and the group of companies “Renova”. According to the decision of the U.S. Treasury, U.S. citizens and companies prohibited from doing business with the sanctioned businessmen and companies in which these Russians have a controlling package.


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