Celebrities who never found love. Photo


They chose a career.

These women have a huge number of fans, but despite this, their hearts for many years remain free. Someone puts on the first place career, others disappointed in men after failed relationships. About why not is personal life Kylie Minogue, Irina Allegrova and other stars — read our material, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to fresher.

Kylie Minogue

First love the Australian singer was the musician Michael Hutchence. They parted, and five years later he killed himself. It took Kylie a great shock, and she for a long time didn’t make a serious relationship.

Later, the star still had a few more novels, but they quickly ended. The most common causes of the breakup was infidelity Boyfriends and a busy schedule of stars. The breakup was given Kylie a hard time, so she chooses solitude. The only regrets singer, that didn’t have children, so she is now seriously thinking about how to adopt a child from an orphanage.

Irina Allegrova

Empress of the Russian singer Irina Allegrova almost 20 years, lives alone and says that she’s okay with that. The singer had four husbands, but no marriage can not be called satisfactory. Elects not been true and even had problems with the law.

This has forced Irina to be disappointed in men, she devoted herself to raising her daughter Lala, who was born to first husband Georgy Tairov. Now she explains the loneliness just need the Empress, the Emperor, but the smaller it do not agree.

Patricia Kaas

Once novels French singer discussed all the world’s media. She attributed the relationship with Gerard Depardieu, Russian actor Andrey Sokolov and even by Alain Delon. But with any of them the star and not tied to fate.

In the early 2000s, Kaas was the scandalous gap with composer Philippe Bergman. Later, Patricia began a relationship with one of the Romanian millionaire, but he was married.

“I was disappointed in men. They are all Mercantile and predictable”, — wrote in his autobiography the singer. Most of all she regrets that can’t have children. Infertility was the result of many of the abortions performed in his youth. Now for Kaas the most dear person is a Maltese lapdog named Tequila.

Charlize Theron

Personal life of Charlize Theron in his time was filled with events. Actress idolize men of the world, rarely left alone. In the mid-1990s, Theron for two years met with actor Craig Birko.

From 1997 to 2001, the star tied a close relationship with musician Steven Jenkins. Stuart Townsend Theron started Dating in 2002. This pair has long been considered one of the most beautiful and durable in Hollywood, however, the lovers suddenly broke up in early 2010. Four years later, Charlize had an affair with Sean Penn, but no no avail.

Now the actress lives with her two adopted children. In March 2012, she adopted a boy Jackson, and in July 2015, the family joined a small Aug. The actress admitted that children are always going to stand for it in the first place.

Sofia Rotaru

It so happened that in the life of Sophia Mikhailovna was only one man, whom she still keeps faithful to her husband artist Anatoly Evdokimenko. When the singer was just beginning his career, Anatoly noticed her picture in a magazine “Ukraine” and invited the ensemble “Chervona Ruta”.

In 1968, young people were married, and two years later they had a son Ruslan. In the face of the husband of Sofia has found a best friend, mentor and teacher: their marriage lasted more than thirty years.

In 2002 when the husband died, the singer for a year wore mourning, and did not participate in social events. Now the media attributed to her novel, but close the stars are sure: in the heart of Sofia Mikhailovna has been and always will be room for only one person.


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