CBS News: in 2019 the mass killings in the U.S. was more than days.


CBS News: в 2019 году массовых убийств в США было больше, чем дней.

Since the beginning of the year in the United States occurred 255 mass murder with a firearm, according to CBS News, citing data from the nonprofit organization “Archive armed violence”. However, as the guest of the channel, the share of such crimes in America, accounting for only about 1 percent of all firearm deaths.

This year the number of mass killings with firearms in the United States exceeded the number of days. This is evidenced by the “Archive armed violence” is a non — profit organization that tracks mass killings with firearms in the United States. The organization says that this year the country was already 255 such crimes. This definition covers incidents in which was shot at least four people excluding the hand.

According to reports, only in 2019 was more than 33 thousand shooting incidents. As a result, as of Monday, from firearms killed nearly 9 thousand people.

The number of victims of the massacre in El Paso is one of the ten most violent shootings in modern American history and the bloody shooting of 2019.

In touch with us from Charlottesville, Virginia, James Burnett — the chief-editor of The Trace, a nonprofit news organization covering armed violence in the United States. Thank you for being with us, James! You have been covering armed violence. Could you tell us about how mass murder with firearms is correlated with firearm violence in the United States as a whole?

JAMES BURNETT, chief editor of The Trace: Mass shootings, such as those we have seen recently in El Paso and Dayton, attracted a huge amount of attention and are of great concern to the public. In General, they comprise about 1 percent of all firearm deaths. In addition to deaths, there are injured, and tens, hundreds of times more.

In fact most firearm deaths are suicides. Then there are murders, domestic incidents, and then have accidents with guns. But, for obvious reasons, mass shootings attract a lot of attention.

Most of the bloodiest mass shootings has occurred over the last decade. What is behind this surge?

JAMES BURNETT: I don’t know if we have an exhaustive explanation. But one theory concerns the capacity of the stores — how many rounds can be in the weapon before the shooter has to reload it. We see that in many cases, whether handguns… really short arms is used more often than assault rifles. But we see that it is 30 or 40 rounds, like Daytona. Shooter used a drum of 100 rounds, and, it seems, the local police said that he was able to produce 41 shot before he was able to neutralize. It took about 30 seconds. But when you can make so many shots without reloading, of course, victims can be much.

President trump has called for the suppression of violent video games to the reform in the field of mental health. Do you agree with the President that the changes in these two areas is necessary to prevent armed violence?

JAMES BURNETT: We are in The Trace referred to the studies, and these studies indicate that the mentally ill in the United States no more than in other countries. In fact, and fans of video games here, not more than in other countries. If you look at other major video game markets, such as China, Japan and South Korea, there are many fans of video games, but not so much violence with a firearm.

It’s the same with mental health. According to statistics, people suffering from mental illness are more likely to harm themselves than others. And even among the shooters who commit mass murder, even in this limited category, the FBI was able to establish the role of mental illness, only 25 percent of cases. They conducted a large study.

I think the discussion about mental health is definitely relevant when talking about suicide with a firearm. Of course, we should also discuss the policy in relation to mental health and provided in the country of service. But a serious conversation about reducing the level of armed violence really should not be about mental health.


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