CBR can allow mining in Russia


The Russian banking community can allow in Russia operations with cryptocurrency. This was reported by network sources, with reference to the Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Olga Skorobogatova. The Central Bank utverzhdaetsya, ready to allow and mining, and even ICO, but at the moment the final decision on this issue is not accepted.

According to Olga Skorobogatova, the mining is proposed to allow, but with the availability of a suitable legislative framework. Plus indicates the need to apply the same standards and approaches that are used in traditional taxation, both physical and legal persons. In the case of legal entities firms are going to have to take the tax returns for all types of activity with cryptocurrency to have everything openly and honestly.

Of course, all this is done to reduce the likelihood of accumulation of large sums in the accounts of the Russians who have decided to develop a new kind of earnings. However, no Russian taxes, the situation with the crypt leaves much to be desired: the market has greatly subsided, went down, and increased the risk to remain with nothing. In Russia, even began to sell the farm for mining – the number of ads on their websites has increased significantly. Recall that the most convenient country for cryptocurrency is Belarus – its government abolished all taxes on the crypt until 2023.


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