CB South refused the help of the NBU will continue with the Bank-bankruptcy “New”


This decision was made by the District administrative court of Kiev on September 14. The decision was made on the basis of violations of the NBU procedural rules: violation of terms of consideration of a reorganization plan of the Bank and the application to a Bank by the NBU requirements concerning the minimum amount of regulatory capital that is not operated at the time of the decision.

The press has repeatedly been published in scheme, the business interests of the head of the CB Alexander Degtyarev and members of his family, in which the Bank “Novyi” played a key role. Bank “Novyi” for many years was used by Degtyarev and his closest associates to launder billions of dollars in funds that were allocated from the state budget for the space program.
So, in 2016, the Main military Prosecutor’s office investigated the case on misappropriation of budget funds by the leadership of the South Bureau.

In these proceedings it was established that the ownership structure of the Bank “Novyi” was opaque, and the middle of 2016 on the accounts of KB “southern” in this Bank was concentrated more than 1 billion hryvnia. The national police investigated in parallel criminal proceedings on the granting by the Bank of inter-Bank credit new Bank structure at the expense of funds provided by Yuzhnoye government to implement the project on creation of space rocket complex.


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