Causes and consequences of housing and communal crisis


Причины и последствия жилищно-коммунального кризиса

Rescue of people from emergency housing is impossible without the return of the state in the service of the people

Cannibalistic liberal reforms in Russia led to mass destruction of housing. So, the total area of dilapidated housing has increased from 28.9 million square meters in 1990 in the RSFSR to 56.1 million in 2000 and 84,0 million sqm in 2007. By the beginning of 2015, the area of the old housing fell to 69.5 million sq. m., but this was due not only housing, but also the transformation of dilapidated housing in the disaster. It should be emphasized that emergency housing, in principle, not adapted for living in daily life means daily death for its inhabitants, as it is, strictly speaking, might collapse and kill them at any moment.

The area of emergency housing in the RSFSR in 1990 amounted to only 3.3 million square meters; in 2000 it amounted to 9.5 million in 2007 to 15.1 million at the beginning of 2015 23.8 million sq. m. Total growth was more than 7 times.

The area of dilapidated and emergency housing at the beginning of 2015 exceeded the total commissioning of housing this year (83.8 million sq. m.), but the resettlement of people sent only a small part of the housing: the main part is the improvement of housing conditions provided a minor part of society and speculative investment.

Significantly, these data are partial, as honestly warns Rosstat: for a comprehensive view of the old and even emergency housing, the liberal government Medvedev prudently does.

In 1990, housing conditions in the USSR improved by the state 1.3 million families in 2000 to 253 thousand, in 2013 — 153 thousand, and in 2015 — only 135 thousand Total number of families improving housing conditions with the support of the state fell by almost 10 times.

At the same time in 1990 on the account with the right of improvement of housing conditions were 10 million households in 2015 to 2.6 million excess of the number of families”waiting” the number of improving their housing conditions increased from 7.7 to 19.3 times: housing has become virtually inaccessible.

According to the program of the government of Medvedev in the years 2014-2017 of the emergency shelter with a total area of 11.4 million sq. m. should be resettled about 777 thousand people This program really come to life and really is the most extensive in this field over the entire quarter century of the national treachery (or, as this time is called “independence of Russia” — from common sense, progress and prosperity), but a simple comparison with the scale of emergency shelter (which is constantly updated with the crumbling of the old) shows that the planned quantity is totally inadequate to solve the problem.

According to the official version, by the end of 2017 will be settled all emergency housing as of 2012, but in these five years, the natural destruction of the accepted utility monopolies of the buildings will provide a significant increase of “new” of dilapidated housing.

And indeed, the beginning of implementation of this program has reduced the area of emergency shelter, but only stopped its growth: at the beginning of 2015 it remained at the same monstrously high level as at the beginning of 2014.

An essential part of problem is the commissioning of new housing is of such low quality that it is at the time of settlement of residents is already essentially (but not formally recognized as such) the old, and even emergency. Examples of this writing from all over the country (for example, from Sochi “Funny”, the house 23 along the street Khudyakov, or thundered throughout Russia on the First channel of the Kaliningrad region), but the state is still dismissive of his brilliant solution of this major problem, shifting it to governors, mayors and various official public men.

This is one of the reasons housing and communal crisis to overcome it can only be a unified national policy. Shifting responsibility for people’s lives even at the regional (and mostly not in local) government turns not so much anecdotal situations (when charges for the repair of one square meter is different in a very close all the indicators Moscow and St. Petersburg in 7.5 times), but the destruction of people’s everyday lives and the elimination of Russia as a single social space.

The second reason for the housing crisis lies in the fundamental orientation of the state is not to serve the people, and for the organization at the expense of profits and profits. In this approach, the existence of a normal civilized housing is impossible in principle, as it requires continuous investment of funds not paid back within the individual firms, but only in the scale of society as a whole. In this regard housing as a social infrastructure is no different from other infrastructure sectors are natural (i.e. technology driven) monopolies.

Medvedev’s program for the resettlement of emergency housing with comprehensive convincingly proves that the improvement of housing and communal services without a fundamental improvement of the state and return it to the service of the people is impossible in principle.

Mikhail Delyagin


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