Caught a strong signal from a distant galaxy


Пойман мощный сигнал из далекой галактикиThe source is described in a new study.

An international team of astronomers using data obtained by the spacecraft NASA’s Chandra discovered in the elliptical galaxy Messier 86 new fancy x-ray source (ULX).

Recently found a source called M86 tULX-1. It is located at a distance of 62 thousand light years from the center of the elliptical galaxy Messier 86.

The signal from this source was caught using equipment installed on the space Observatory Chandra. ULX is ultraluminous x-ray sources. The power of radiation exceeds the power of the rays of a million suns at all wavelengths.

Usually in the galaxies there is only one ULX. However, in the galaxy Messier 86, located in the constellation Virgo, approximately 52 million light years from us, these sources at least two.

The first was identified in 2011 and was named CXO J122611.830 + 125647.80. The second source is described in the new study, which was conducted by a team led by Lennart van Haaften from Texas tech University.

“We found the source CXOU J122602.3 + 125951 (abbreviated M86 tULX-1) in the giant elliptical galaxy, says the study’s lead author. – He has the x-ray luminosity of about 5.0 duodecillion erg/s, soft excess x-ray luminosity of 1.9 duodecillion erg/s and the internal drive temperature of 0.66 Kev”.

The researchers stressed that the relatively hard spectrum and the transient behavior of M86 tULX-1, as well as other properties, such as high brightness and located in the elliptical galaxy, this source is unusual.


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