Catch correctly without a nozzle and in the grass.


Fishing baitless jig I have. They do not like to go.

So, I thought until recently, about local waters and habits of their inhabitants know almost everything: depth, bottom topography, point of the most probable clusters of fish, the time of greatest activity and the most productive bait.

In December and January, when the day is still short and the time to experiment is not enough, such information can provide an invaluable service.

But there is such accumulation of experience and its drawbacks. It’s a habit to fish in a certain style.

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On any body of water the habit in the first place begin to check exactly those points where it successfully tributyl. But if such success was achieved for several trips or seasons, then these points attract like a magnet.

The same goes for the style of lure drawing. For each potentially productive point it special. It happens on some unconscious level.

But in nature everything flows, everything changes. And if the circumstances of fishing are such that habits have much to adjust, starts heavy breaking their own stereotypes, which can last several days.

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However, there is a silver lining. It is through such spiritual shakings here and there is a regular replenishment of a unique fishing experience.

Something similar happened to me a few years ago. Because of the long drought and the strong shallowing of floodplain ponds I learned to fish on baitless jig in the water where the depth does not exceed five feet, and the bottom is covered with a thick grass carpet.


The perch bite better on the border of clean water and underwater vegetation. Photo: Nikolay Linnik.


The area where I live, rich floodplain ponds and creeks, many of which are in the lower reaches have small stretches. The depth of these reservoirs are small, a maximum of 2.5–3.0 meters and the bottom topography are very similar: one shore is shallow and heavily silted, the second a more deep clean of vegetation.

Especially popular with fishermen winter roads used stretches of small rivers. Due to the constant influx of fresh water, gluhozime were never here.

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But a small depth, monotonous bottom topography and abundance of benthic vegetation has made adjustments.

Fishing with a jig is most often boiled down to finding a more or less wide gaps in the underwater vegetation. And not because they accumulate in fish. Here you can fish without hooks. A little to the side and bait on every transaction will cling to the grass.

To save the location of these gaps in the mystery, anglers masked them, each in their own way. So we fished for many years.


To lure played smoothly and evenly, used a long steel nod. Photo: Nikolay Linnik.

Five years ago, everything changed dramatically. Due to prolonged drought strongly decreased the level of groundwater and floodplain waters significantly lower.

But worst of all, that carpet of underwater vegetation in them became even thicker due to increased lighting. In some places the grass has begun to reach the surface and formed the whole of the island. Such an innovation like fish, but anglers there.

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And if the summer we still somehow twisted, making the grass an artificial window in the winter fishing became almost impossible. It was pity to see the point where to this for many years and a hint of grass was not.


In search of free from grass reservoirs, many anglers moved closer to the root river. However, due to the increased fishing pressure the fish here very quickly became overly cautious, and that though as-that to satisfy their fishing hunger, it often had to pace to get away from the crowds of anglers and seek their catchability point.

And once, nabegov on the ice a few kilometers and drilling it hundreds of holes, I returned to the car after one floodplain pool.

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Once it was a beautiful river Creek. Thirty years ago there was a great sandy beach and abundance were driven weighty perch, which we in the summer were caught on live bait and on mormyshka in the winter with a planting manure worm.

When I grew up I looked in here and with a baitless jig.

Perch bite properly. But swept the country the third wave of reclamation touched upon the river of my childhood. She dug a new channel, and the Creek turned into a shallow floodplain lake. Because of the overgrown grass there is almost no one fishing.

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On the way I caught up with another angler who, like me, returned home. Get into conversation. It turned out the colleague to the river did not go, and all day polybutyl on the lake. His catch has amazed me.

In the drawer were several dozen still-living perch. The smallest of them offhand weighed at least 100 grams, and large specimens were two times more. In addition to seen my companion said that such a catch is not a gimmick, and an ordinary result, but the secret of how he manages it, never opened.


To catch in the grass, where you might spot various small animals, need a wide range of imitations. Photo: Nikolay Linnik.

I admit, what he saw did not give me rest. Clearly, any body of water can hold many secrets, but the fact that in such a shallow and overgrown with grass puddle has managed to preserve the population of large perch, made me much to think about. Pond childhood challenged me.

I must admit, on the first fishing trip I decided to go off the beaten path and at the first check point, which were previously considered efficient. It was the wrong decision. Until the evening I struggled with hanging on mormyshka grass, but never saw even the slightest hint of a bite.

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During his second departure to the lake I set myself the task of finding the loose grass from the patch of bottom, and at the same time go through the holes left over from my recent companion.

Drilling a square-cluster method with fifty holes without seeing a single bite, I was starting to lean towards the fact that the story of the fisherman — banal divorce. But towards the evening I still managed to see one bite.

By surprise I used to be hooked, and the fish happily swam away. Before dark other contacts with the fish was not.

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Home analyzing the results of this departure, I decided next time not to focus on finding gaps and try to fish on top of the grass. But you need to know the horizon at which it occurs.

What depth is small, and the water is clear. You can try to fish priglyadno.

But on the pond it turned out that this method is not very good. Due to optical distortions to determine the depth could only be estimated. But this error has led to frequent hook the jig over the grass, after which the hole had to be replaced.

Nationalist plenty of ice, I decided to radically change the animation of the lure and hold it down. This, of course, much contrary to my previous habits, but trapping the bait in the grass made fishing in General is pointless. As it turned out, it was the only solution.


Suspension above the main bait often attracts perch. Photo: Nikolay Linnik.

I stopped drilling the fresh holes, and the jig was lowered by only a few tens of centimeters below the edge of the ice for a long time and played it on the same level.

Effective bite started near sunset, when the dark was still an hour and a half. It turned out, almost all the wells work. However, to get the fish not always. Worth to give a little slack when playing, and it was time to leave the grass.

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But worst of all was that the thin (0.09 mm) fishing line sometimes could not stand forced the fish playing and torn. However, in the evening on the ice, twisting and turning a dozen heavy bass and some plotvits.

It was exactly the kind of fishing for which I came to the pond of his childhood. The secret of the pond has been solved, and now I just had to improve his fishing equipment.


First, I tried the whip and a nod. To the fishing line when the forced fish fish briefly felt less stress, regular plastic whip rods were replaced with end-of-life fiberglass pikelny quivertip with a capacity of 0.75 oz.

For better fixation of bites “on the rise” I set long lavsan nod spring type and slightly bent it upwards.


On a good imitation of a dragonfly larvae can take out a large predator.Photo: Nikolay Linnik.

With suspended to it by the lure nod took an s-shape. Of course, this configuration of nod is better suited for catching bream, and perch in this pond was special.

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I increased the diameter of the line. To have less to lose jigs when the forced fish fish in cramped conditions and when removing from the hole the grass is fishing line diameter of 0.09 mm, I wound on spools fishing rods fishing line diameter 0.12 mm.

This increase in the thickness of the line on the number of bites is hardly affected, but the loss of lures declined.


Since the first fishing I noticed that some models of jigs cling to the grass more than others. In this category were “Cobra”, “ê” and “bananas.”

Apparently, when lowering these lures were far away and easier to find grass. But “lasocki” and amphipod disguised as “nymphs” clung to the grass less. I decided to focus.

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And to eliminate toe-hooks tackle for the grass on one of the rods I decided to put the installation how to catch a Zope and white bream in deep holes.


Photo: Nikolay Linnik.

Tied on the fishing line loop length of about 20 cm and cut it with scissors into two asymmetrical parts. To a short segment of fishing line tied “fly” under amphipod without any load. And to load a nod, for a long stretch of fishing line clamped conventional lead pellet.

When lowered into the hole the bullet was kind of a bump, suggesting that a snap came across the grass and a deeper drop. And the hook remained above the grass and clung to her.

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Looking ahead, I will say that this installation was very successful, and in some waters instead of flies I’ve been knitting on a short leash normal hook with an artificial bloodworm or maggots.

When you post a top down game the jig is not particularly diversified. But still there were some working versions of the animation of the lure.

Lowering the jig under the ice for a few seconds I played with it in the same horizon. After that, the bait fell a little below, and the loop repeated. The surface of the grass.

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Another good animation of the lure (especially the ice) was a simple, slow her down long, up to 10 seconds, pauses.

Snap with a fly or hook on the leash I just evenly twitched while slowly lowering it down until the weight is not rested on the grass.


Discovering herbal fishing for bass, I thought I’d do it all winter. But everything turned out differently.

Now, after several seasons, I can confidently say that herbal sea bass fishing is only effective in the beginning of winter. Moreover, it is desirable that you have come to the pond until the ice will not grow to a thickness of 15-20 cm After this sensitive to lack of oxygen stops the bass to feed actively.

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A sure sign of the coming of asclepia are beetles, stick insects, which massively start to climb into the hole. But the roach and the bream, if they exist in this pond, continue to actively bite through the winter.


Photo: Nikolay Linnik.

A second outbreak of feeding activity of perch takes place in the late winter, when intensive snow melting the ice and receives oxygen-rich water.

This period of fishing I love more pervolakia. Perch bite is predictable, and its size by the spring increases.


Grass lake is shallow, and the fish in them careful. Upon the slightest suspicion of danger it falls in the grass and can stay there for long.

Sometimes my excessive activity on the ice ruined the fishing. Therefore, arriving at the reservoir, I drilled a lot of holes in different places, and then in turn exploit them.

Once the light under the hole, too, to anything, so I just sprinkled them with crushed ice or snow.


Photo: Nikolay Linnik.

Justified and frequent change of hole. All because of the same fear local fish after being caught a few tails hole needs to rest. To come back not earlier than in half an hour.

And I’m always interested in herbal of the island. If an island can be detected, it can be “operated” for several fishing trips. The fish in these areas feel comfortable and less afraid of the noise.

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Eventually, I moved on, and fall in open water, began to prepare the place for winter grass catching.

Admission is simple: rake in the grass propisyvaetsya narrow, with a width of 20-30 cm, trench. The advantage of this careful weeding is that it practically does not change the habitat of fish.

The efficiency of this method was different from sustainable fish to no fish. But the undeniable advantage of weeding was one that I knew in advance where possible with no hooks to polarmuseet.

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Although fishing in the grass requires considerable effort, it is really gambling and sports. The more that winter in recent years increasingly soft, ice on large water bodies it becomes too late.

And herbal freeze water even when cold, providing a splendid opportunity to reach the underwater vegetation and fishing ice perch.


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