Catalonia surrendered


Каталония сдалась

The Parliament of Catalonia acknowledged the decision of the Spanish government about its dissolution and ceased to work until early elections. It is noted that scheduled for Tuesday, October 31 meeting of the Presidium of the Parliament is cancelled. The Prime Minister of the government, conducted a referendum on independence on 1 October, Carles Pujdeme and five other Ministers left Barcelona and are seeking asylum from prosecution in Belgium.

The rebellious Parliament of Catalonia, declared the independence of that province from Spain, decided to disband. The legislature agreed to hold early elections on 21 December, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the press service of the Generalitat. Earlier, Reuters, citing a source reported that the Parliament of Catalonia has canceled the meeting after the decision of the Spanish authorities, confirming the adoption by the Parliament decision of Madrid on its dissolution.

In the elections have already agreed to participate the Catalan ruling democratic party (PDeCAT). Earlier, the party “Republican Left of Catalonia”, part of the ruling coalition also expressed their intention to participate in early elections to the Catalan Parliament.

Thus, the confrontation ended with the victory intermediate official Madrid on Monday has expired a period of three days, which gave the Catalan authorities, the government, Mariano Rajoy to withdraw the decision on independence.

Madrid has already announced the temporary suspension of Catalonia’s autonomy and introduced before the scheduled December elections, a new direct rule in the province. The interim leader of Catalonia became the Vice-Prime Minister of Spain, the ally of Prime Minister Rajoy, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria. It was expected that it should arrive in Barcelona on Monday.

The Spanish Senate has previously endorsed the application of article 155 of the Constitution. It allows you to deprive the region of autonomy and separate government on the grounds that Catalonia poses a threat to the territorial integrity of Spain. In this scenario envisages the formation of a new government and Executive authority of the region and the restoration of autonomy within six months, but under the supervision of Madrid and the supervision of Federal law enforcement agencies.

The day before the dissolution of Parliament, Spain has increased the pressure on Catalonia, trying to influence those Catalans who oppose independence. About half of the residents of autonomy opposed the withdrawal of autonomy from the rule of Madrid had not participated in the informal referendum on independence on 1 October.

On Sunday, Catalonia held a rally against the independence of the region. According to various estimates to the streets under the flags of Castile United Spain went from 300 thousand to a million people .

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that Russia supports the territorial integrity of Spain and considers the events an internal matter of that country. In Europe also distanced itself from the events in Catalonia.

However, Brussels warned that if Catalonia somehow will be able to negotiate with Spain about the divorce, to join the European Union it would be difficult. For this she will need to enlist the support of each of the 28 EU member States, including Spain. The head of the European Union Donald Tusk said that the EU will not be a mediator in the negotiations between Barcelona and Madrid.

It is unknown whether to participate in elections eks-the head of Catalonia Carles Pujdeme. According to El Periodico, he and five other government Ministers dismissed by the decision of the Central authorities located in Brussels. Against them were instituted legal proceedings, so to get to Brussels they do not have to use the Barcelona airport and drove to Marseille, where he flew a scheduled flight.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel commented on the ability of asylum Podemno, noting that it is impossible. According to him, this decision “absolutely not included in the agenda” of the government.

Meanwhile Pujdeme and former heads of state can be called into court if you are in Spain. Prosecutor of this country has opened a criminal case against him and his group of supporters. The country’s Prosecutor declared that the former heads of the office may be charged with insubordination and incitement to mutiny and embezzlement of public funds. In this regard, Podemno could face up to 15 years of imprisonment.

Interestingly, Podemno managed to hold more than its distant predecessor, the President of Catalonia during the reign of dictator Francisco Franco Louis Companys. Proclaimed the independence of Catalonia lasted only one day, and the President himself was executed in 1940.


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