Catalonia plans to declare independence


Каталония собирается провозгласить независимостьIn the Parliament of Catalonia is expected to speech the Prime Minister Carles Pokdemon, which has already been delayed for an hour due to disagreements

Speech Pokdemon was scheduled for 18:00 local time but was postponed until an hour later.

Catalan police armed with automatic rifles, have increased their presence in the area of the Parliament. About 20 armoured police vans blocked the entrances to the Park near the Parliament building, at the entrance to the Parliament also faced three of the van.

The Spanish national police, convicted of the use of force was not spotted, the newspaper reports. However, the Spanish government increased security at airports and railway stations in Catalonia.

In the Parliament, activists gathered on the independence.

According to the BBC, the assumption was that Putteman was ready to declare a unilateral Declaration of independence from Spain. But the session of Parliament was adjourned for an hour amid growing demands that he abandoned plans to separate.

Now the leaders of Catalonia are meeting behind closed doors.

Sources of the local newspaper El Pais say that the delay performances Pokdemon due to the discrepancy between Buchtemann and its partners, as the latter want to vote for the Declaration of independence, and head of the government – no.

2 October 2017, the government of Catalonia has published near-final results illegal in Spain a referendum on independence for the region. After 99% of ballots, according to authorities in the region, for the independence voted 90,09% of the citizens, “against” – 7,87%. The head of Catalonia Carles Putteman said it has no plans “traumatic” breakup with Spain.


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