Cars controlled by artificial intelligence


Представлено авто, управляемое искусственным интеллектомThe Roborace project car introduced with the cockpit.

The Roborace project presented a car with a cockpit – manual series has abandoned the principles of races in which cars Robocar controlled only with the help of artificial intelligence.

Cars DevBot 2.0 first half of the race will manage the pilot from the cockpit, and the distance to the finish will meet “robot”. The test machine has already taken place – this week at the Spanish track “Monteblanco” in which took part the former GP3 racer Carmen Chord.

The debut season of the series Roborace called “alpha-season” is scheduled to begin next spring, and some stages of the series will be held in the framework of support for Formula E. As it became known in the first season, the size of the peloton will not exceed ten cars. The second season will be called “Beta season”, and during these two years, the developers will customize the software.

After verification of the new concept car under AI control and human “alpha” and “Beta” seasons in Roborace plan to conduct the first full season in 2021. To reduce costs, Roborace will supply the equipment, coordinate the logistics of the series and maintain the cars and teams will be responsible only for software development. CEO Roborace Lucas di Grassi has explained why the series decided to change their plans: “We changed our minds. Initially, the idea was to start everything from Robocar. Impressions from the driver piloting the car, then gets out of it, much better illustrate the difference between human and Autonomous driving. Most importantly, I think Motorsport needs to have a human component. He’s always been about man and machine”.

Di Grassi said that now is the creation of six or seven cars DevBot 2.0, and the company is still developing the software to ensure that the machines running the AI can fight among themselves. The final format of the race is not yet installed, but according to the ex-racer’s F1 calendar is “the alpha of the season” should appear at the end of 2018, and it has agreed to participate in two teams.

What commands specifically – he said. Di Grassi also noticed that the machine for the first full season in 2021 will look like “the son of Roborace and DevBot” and get the latest technology. It is planned that its capacity will be more than 1000 kW (1359 HP), and the delivery of power to each wheel will be the responsibility of one motor. The first Roborace car called Robocar first introduced in early 2017 – they were completely unmanned. In recent times the FIA is trying to allow riders to struggle on the road, not punishing them for details.

However, the downside of this approach was the growing number of controversial and sometimes quite rude episodes. According to the Finnish pilot of Ferrari Raikonen, judges of F1 is to impose more serious penalties to the pilots, allowing inappropriate actions on the track.


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