Card WORLD has got under sanctions !?


Карточка МИР попала под санкции !?

Foreign companies operating in Russia, refuse to accept ruble payments with use of Bank cards WORLD !

The other day I tried to pay for the hosting of your website on the platform with the help of this card.
Nothing happened. Immediately after entering the first 4 digits of the number ( 2200 ) has a warning that it is INCORRECT number.
Invalid data in card Number field

Okay, I think I’ll try a second provided by the owner of the hosting option – payment via PayPal .
I put the required amount into your local account and tried again.

Again fiasco.
PayPal demanded to bound to account to any Bank card.
What you want, but not the WORLD !

And just as furious as soon as I saw the first 4 digits of the “brilliant creation” the Russian National Payment System in the WORLD.

Карточка МИР попала под санкции !?

So, dear fellow citizens, the Issuer of the World we arrogantly puffed when he spoke, though, –

“The banking map of the WORLD for its functionality does not differ from Visa and MasterCard. It allows you to make whole range of banking operations, including receiving and depositing cash, payment of goods and services, transfer of funds from one card to another.”


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