Carbon pads are already in Ukraine!


Карбоновые накладки уже в Украине!Carbon lining in the interior of the car is a very useful and beautiful products that will help to conceal any cracks and defects on the dashboard of the car. With their help, you can quickly and effectively transform the look of your car.

Features a carbon lining in the car

Карбоновые накладки уже в Украине!

In our online shop you will find a wide range of carbon covers for any brand of car. These pads do not require additional care, but at the same time look very stylish and serve a very long period of time.

Карбоновые накладки уже в Украине!

Key features carbon fiber overlays:

• high strength;
• hides the defects that exist on the surface;
• good resistance to external influences;
• high cost.

Карбоновые накладки уже в Украине!

Carbon lining got its popularity thanks to a very spectacular sight. Weave carbon fiber gives the car a rigor and uniqueness. More familiar with the range of carbon overlays you can also on the Ukrainian version of our website by changing to the directory with photos.


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