Car sales online are growing rapidly


Продажи автомобилей онлайн стремительно растутNew car sales through dealers are reduced.

At a time when new car sales in the UK through dealers, declining, or are at the same level, shopping online in 2017 increase substantially.

The British website, which specializiruetsya on the sale of new and used cars of different brands, reports about the serious increase in sales through the Internet in recent months.

Sales of new and used cars in the UK for 2017 fluctuate around zero growth. But one of the online platforms said the growth of sales through it by 66%.

Experts believe that online shopping will continue to grow next year, despite the overall slowdown in the car market in the UK.

Comparison of the dynamics of traditional (black graph) and online sales (red) in the UK in 2017

Interestingly, the growth of Internet sales of cars was even in those summer months, when the overall UK market fell into negative momentum. And in the fall of 2017 sale online livened up even more.

Who most often buys cars online and why?

Most often online buy people who are very busy to visit the dealership or those who are uncomfortable in this feeling.

Another trend – women are more likely to buy a car online than men. So, last year the number of women shoppers online has increased by 75%, while among men the increase was only 22%.

Experts do not believe that traditional dealerships are dying, on the contrary – the online platform work in partnership with them.

Продажи автомобилей онлайн стремительно растут


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