Capital outflow from funds investing in Russia has accelerated sharply


Отток капитала из инвестирующих в РФ фондов резко ускорился

From funds investing in Russian assets (including the funds, oriented not only on Russian) for the week to may 8, 2019 was derived from $74 million against an outflow of $43 million a week earlier.

These data provided the Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR), an organization that tracks the inflow and outflow of funds in investment funds and distribution of funds, reports PRIME.

Thus, net capital outflow from the Russian market has been observed for 12 consecutive weeks.

Recall also that, in General, as estimated by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, net capital outflow from Russia in January—March 2019 totaled $25.2 billion, which is 1.6 times exceeds the volume of export of capital over the same period last year.

For 2018, the net capital outflow from Russia reached $63.3 billion, compared to $25.1 billion in the previous year.


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