Capcom reported on progress of the game Resident Evil 2 Remake


Capcom отчиталась о новых успехах игры Resident Evil 2 RemakeIn the entire history of the series the million mark in Steam crossed only two parts of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

Published on 25 January, the remake of Resident Evil 2 sold chetyrekhtomnym edition, and even though Resident Evil 7 it is quite far (only on account of its 6.1 million copies sold), and in some ways modernized the game in 1998 managed to beat the last part of the series. We are talking about units sold to Steam – remake more than a million owners.

The information became known due to service SteamSpy. The number of owners of a remake is somewhere between one and two million (more precisely, it is impossible to calculate), while Resident Evil 7 has not yet crossed the platinum mark. It is important to emphasize that the newest game not even two months, and the second sold more than two years. In the statistics taken into account not only direct sales, but also the activation keys purchased from third-party distributors.

In the entire history of the series the million mark in Steam crossed only two parts of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. This is the most successful game franchises: according to the official Capcom, the first has a population of 7.4 million, and the second with 7.2 million copies sold. Monster Hunter: World, the best-selling game of Capcom, also excellent buy in the Valve store: PC is the second most popular platform for role-playing action. It is the largest start computer games in the history of publishing (on the second place – Devil May Cry 5, and the third just got remade Resident Evil 2).

Meanwhile, developers continue to publish the diaries, which tell about the creation of the game. Among other things, first they told that worked on the interface of the remake for a year and during that time have tried many different options (even tried to arrange it in the form of a gadget that heroes could carry).

From the second roller became aware of one of the most interesting features of sent to the recycle bin, is a remote-controlled car. A large part of the game takes place indoors, but the heroes could get out into the fresh air more often. The authors wanted to allow gamers to get to the lab “Umbrella” on the car (first person) and then take the cable car. They also planned to give players the option to switch to classic camera, but there were complications. Moments of zombie attacks it was necessary to show approximately, and the transition between fixed camera angles and close-UPS because shoulder was not too good. Experiments with first-person perspective, too, is unsuccessful (however, with the combination of bearable out both).

Said something about graphical effects. According to special effects artist Yoshiki Adachi (Yoshiki Adachi) when the characters go to the flooded areas, their movements in the water formed bubbles. However, it is so subtle detail that many do not notice them. Blood, which paid special attention, it is actually translucent – including why it look so realistic.

In the third part of the famous game designer Hideki Kamiya (Hideki Kamiya), Director of development of the original Resident Evil 2, which since 2006 works at Platinum Games. He noted that the remake was truly scary, and praised the authors for the most likely zombies and design solutions. For example, in the remake enemies retain damage taken, whereas in the original this feature was impossible to implement, as each room had its own data. The player might not be enough one bullet to kill the enemy, and after leaving the room a collateral damage counter is reset. Also in the new version are not disappearing corpses in the nineties, so do not do it because of the limited amount of memory (in their presence could not be new enemies).

The remake of Resident Evil 2 was released not only for PC but also for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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