Cannabis is not effective for reducing chronic pain


Каннабис не эффективен для уменьшения хронической боли

A new study has demonstrated that medical cannabis is not as effective for the relief of chronic non-cancer pain, as is commonly believed.

The use of cannabis for medical purposes is increasing worldwide, and there are suggestions that cannabis may allow people to reduce the intake of opioids.

However, a study published in the journal “Lancet Public Health”, found no evidence that cannabis improves patient outcomes and reduces the severity of pain or exerting an opioid effect.

Scientists from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, for 4 years, studied the data 1514 of the participants with chronic non-cancer pain who were assigned to pharmaceutical opioids.

The results of the study showed that participants who had used cannabis, felt pain and fear, do not cope with their pain and reported that pain interferes with their life as often as participants who did not use cannabis. There was no clear evidence that cannabis led to a decrease in the severity of the pain or reduce the frequency of use and dose of opioids.


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